The United States of America is the most well-known and looked-to country on the planet. For decades it has stood at the pinnacle of achievement in both technological and economical standards, and has garnished a reputation for being the “land of the free” and a place where anyone can come to pursue the “American dream”. Boasting the world’s largest population after China and India, the country is a vast, sprawling country of extremes, from the wide open plains of the Midwest, to the coastal regions along the eastern, western, and southern coasts, to the Rocky Mountains and beyond. The cities are some of the grandest in the world, and the people are some of the most culturally diverse that you will ever find in your travels.

Experiencing the United States in its entirety would be impossible to do in just one lifetime. Even native residents could not possibly explore every single nook and cranny available for discovery, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Explore natural wonders like the Grand Canyon or the mountains of Hawaii, or head up into Yellowstone National Park or Alaska for some of the most pristinely untouched wilderness on the planet. Explore the urban canyons of sprawling metropolises such as New York City, Chicago, or Los Angeles. Visit the ancient cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde, or explore the mystical beauty of the Smoky Mountains. No matter what pursuit you follow, adventure and excitement awaits.

Cultural centers exist all over the United States. Places like New Orleans, a haven of Creole, jazz, and strangely French traditions that have been adapted over time, or the various Indian reservations, preserving a tragically reduced way of life that is but a pale shadow of its former glory. Visit the famous wharfs of San Francisco or the world-famous casinos in Las Vegas. Pick a spot and simply go, because you won’t be able to cram it all into just one trip.