I left my Toronto home at 6pm and arrived at Pearson’s airport for 7 to check in for my 10pm departure to Gatwick airport in London. Sadly my flight was a little bit delayed but the pilot eagerly made up for the time lost as we sped through the skies on our way to London. After an impressive 6 and a half hour flight I arrived at Gatwick Airport with very little sleep but much enthusiasm. I had been looking forward to returning to London for months. I promptly retrieved my luggage and set forth for the Gatwick Express train that would take me to London Town tube station.

Waldorf Hotel.

I knew that once I was there I could easily find my way to Holborn tube station which was only a four minute walk to my hotel. As I lugged my heavy suitcase behind me I was beaming with excitement, despite the fact that I was in desperate need of sleep and a long shower. I was in London again and that was all that mattered. I hurried through the tube, tapped my Oyster card on the disk, walked proudly through the gates of Holborn station and let out a big sigh of relief. Finally. I made it! The sun was shining down on me as I hummed “Reunited”by Peaches and Herb and made my way to the Waldorf Hotel.

I made it to my hotel around 1pm but my room wasnt ready yet. I sat in the lovely lobby until hotel staff notified me that I could go up. The doorman smiled at me, took my bags and we made our way up to my Queen Deluxe suite.

After freshening up in the shower and throwing on new clean clothes my lethargy proved more powerful than my enthusiasm for exploration, so instead of doing some sightseeing I plopped down on the bed and fell asleep.

Sherlock Homes museum.

A few short hours later I was awoken by a friendly text from TB Aly, reminding me of our meet up that evening on Brick Lane. Still having some time I walked over to Trafalgar Square and went inside the National Art Gallery. After walking around and taking some pictures I made my way to the Shoreditch area of town. I met up with some friendly locals at a bar called CAFE 1001 and then made more acquaintances with Aly at bars MARY JANES and ABACUS.

The next day, Wednesday, I made my way to Baker Street tube to see the Sherlock Homes museum.

Sherlock Homes museum.

After taking pictures and purchasing fun memorabilia I went to the Science Museum. I spent an hour and a half in the museum and then sat down to eat a small but fulfilling lunch of a mozzarella and prosciutto sandwich on a white baguette and an orange juice. After the museum I travelled to Tottenham Court tube to see Pollocks Toy Museum. I was inside for about 30 minutes and then headed back to Covet Garden to stroll through the market, bought some dinner and then got ready for my big TB Meet Up in Camden.

Thursday morning I woke up to find that it was raining. A hard downpour indeed. I had arranged for a meet up at the British Beer Festival but I think the gloomy weather was a deterrent for many attendees as only myself and Andy showed up. We decided to take advantage of the wet weather and made our way to Madame Tussads and then Piccadilly Circus, where I bought souvenirs for friends and family at a great shop called Great Brittania.

Later that evening TB Rishell and I were feeling quite adventourous so we left London and made our way to Brantford in Essex. She had heard of a club called The Sugar Hut and we thought it best to see another part of England, outside the tourist attractions and familiar streets. The people in the town of Essex were unique. It was definitely a memorable experience seeing this part of town. Romford was filled with even more commotion and shenanigans as the locals had finished up drinking and roamed the streets looking for a ride home. After an hour long bus ride back into central London Rishell and I made it back safely to our hotels.

Friday I had arranged for another meet up at a bar in SoHo called The Roxy. A small group of us enjoyed 2 for 1 beers and exchanged travel stories and experiences.

Saturday was an even better evening as I got together with TB Aly again and we grabbed drinks on the infamous Brick Lane. Then we walked over to a club called XOYO to participate in one of the several Field Day after parties that was taking place all over the city.

Sunday was a quiet day as I enjoyed brunch in Sloan with some local Londoners, did some more shopping and then later that evening met up with TB Nichole for drinks at The Big Chill.

In conclusion I had a wonderful summer vacation. It was amazing how many people I got to meet through this site and its their openness and willingness to show me a great time that made this trip even more memorable.