After attending a meeting all morning, and arranging to meet a friend for dinner and drinks in the evening, I had the whole afternoon free to myself. As I was fairly close by, I decided to visit the British Museum. I still have fond memories of visiting it as a child, and its imposing facade and masses of treasures still never fail to amaze me. Having been to south-east Asia recently, I decided to focus on the museum’s South Asia collection.

I’m not quite sure if the treasures were looted through imperialism or acquired in a more legitimate manner, but they were lovely to see and brought back great memories of my trips to Asia. Apart from reminiscing about trips of the past, I stumbled across artefacts from Egypt, Ethiopia and Iran.

The British Museum is far too overhwelming for just one visit, and so I decided to call it a day and headed off to do a bit of shopping. I always try to visit Fortnum & Mason to stock up on christmas treats, but was drawn to the store’s fancy tea collection on this occasion. While their teas can be pricier than your average supermarket stuff, the expense is well worth it every once in a while. Next, it was off to Harrods to pick up a couple of gift items for my brother’s upcoming birthday. I also walked past Trafalgar Square. Although Trafalgar Square dazzles brilliantly in the evening, the area certainly has its charms in the afternoon. The statue of Eros always attracts tourists who sit at its base. I’ve always loved the bright company names flashing on the giant billboard behind Eros – it’s a great combination of corporatism and classicism!